Sunday, 30 September 2012

Important Races

The Leeds Triathlon is a normally an important race in my calendar. Not because of the exotic location, although every year has been perfect weather for September, it's not because it's a PB settings course and it's not because it's nice and local. It's none of these things. It's important for one reason, and one reason only. Beating my brother!

Every year my brother and me add up the total time for all the races we have done together to see who has the lowest overall time. The person wit the lowest overall time wins the TLT (Tindell-Langdon-Triathlon) cup and gets to have it on the mantle piece for the next year. Not to mention the bragging rights that are used at every family get together.

The reason the race is important is because it is the last one in the season that we can both do. The final make or break attempt to win the cup, the bragging rights and the ability to end any argument with, "yes but who has the cup?"

The Leeds Triathlon is an an Olympic distance triathlon in Roundhay Park in Leeds. A nice flat swim in the lake, followed by a out and back bike course which is described as "flat for Yorkshire". This is completely by a three lap run around the park.

Every year before the race there is quick calculations so that we know how much buffer we have, or how long we have to make up over the entire course. Last year my brother was on my heels for the last lap of the run biding his tine waiting for his moment to kick. Which he did leaving me watch the growing gap in the final 500 meters. This year I wasn't going to be having any of it, the hour of training were banked and history was not going to be repeated!

Thankfully the training paid of leaving me with a very comfortable lead over my brother. As well as the knowledge that the TLT Cup would be mine for another year.

But this is just the end of one season, who know what's going to happen next year so no time to rest on my laurels, I'd better get training for next year.

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