Friday, 12 October 2012

Beep, beep, beep

Swimming is all about technique. Sure there is strength and aerobic fitness thrown in but deep down its all about your stroke. Do a quick search online and you will find umpteen million guides about hot to improve your catch and maximize your pull.

Trying to count laps and make sure all your limbs are moving in sync like a well oiled machine is a difficult enough task as it is. How can I make this more complicated and increase the chances of downing by breathing in when you are meant to be breathing out? Then use a Metronome.

A swimming metronome sits under your cap or goggle strap and emits a nagging beep that you attempt to sync your stroke with. The idea behind these are help increase you stroke rate to your optimal strokes per minute. An increase in your strokes per minute equates to cold hard time.

However it is not as simple as pop one under your hat a dive in. Like I said before it takes a little more concentration. I have only had a short time to play with one at a swim session and so I might need to find one to see if the gains become a reality. That and get used to being the pavlov's dog equivalent of swimming.

A swim coach at my club often uses this analogy:

"When you're on a bike and you want to go faster you either change gear or increase your cadence. You have no gears in the pool so your only choice is to move your arms faster."

So I'd better improve my multitasking and get those arms swinging faster. If I get one then I will write more about them.

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