Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How far can you get in a lunch break

Over the last couple of weeks I have taken to using my lunch breaks to fit in short bike rides. I have been trying out different routes to see how many kilometres I cover before I need to be back at my desk, without getting stuck in too much traffic. This has worked out quite well by blasting down the coast towards Worthing, into the ever present headwind, trying to calculate the perfect time to turn around to let the tail wind carry me back to my desk.

However yesterday I decided that it was time to get off the flat roads and find something with a bit of a bump. Opposed to heading down the coast I decided to head inland and see how far over the Southdowns I could get before the inevitable time to head back to work.

The quickest way to over the downs was to head straight over Devils Dyke. Cycling out trying to keep my heart rate and sweat levels down, as not to annoy my co-workers too much later, I kept looking at my watch to make sure I didn't over run. Making it to the top of Devils Dyke with more than enough time to descend the other side before having turn around I decide to sit up and take a look around. The beautiful downs lay before me. With the sight of rain blowing in from the distance. This wasn't going to be about distance. It was a race to get back to the office without getting wet. It went down hill from here. Which in this instance was just what I needed, making it back to the office before the rain arrive.

Not as far as I wanted to go, but not left soaking wet at my desk for the remainder of the day. So all in all a win in my books!

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