Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Race Excuses, or Why I'm Not as Fast as a Pro

So I've already used up my many of my race excuses during the last season but I still have some left that weren't used. Now to I could save them for next year, but I thought I would share them for others to use. So here are my race excuses or why I'm not as fast as a pro list.

Blue Carpet

It's a well known fact that the day before a race a team of gnomes make sure that the run from the swim to T1 is covered in small stones, bits of glass, pointy sticks and Lego bricks. No one knows why they do this but no matter what the race organisers do these horrible little gnomes always make sure that the short run is the most painful thing you do that day.

There is a solution that will scuppa the attempt of the gnomes to cut your feet open. Blue Carpet. Now I'm not sure if it's the blue colour or the velvet softness but if you watch the pros run to T1 none of them make a face like they have stepped on an upside down plug. If all race has the magic blue carpet then I think that would easily save 10 minutes from my time, and hours post race trying to pull our little stones embedded in the sole of my feet.


Anyone who has ever done a triathlon will know that the transition are is full of people nervously racking their bikes sharing previous race stories and hoping for a PB. Everyone will also know that you get approximately half a meter of a-frame to rack you bike, layout your shoes and arrange the rest of your kit. Now this is good for getting to know your fellow competitors but not ideal when you are in T1 or T2 trying to get yourself out as quickly as possible.

Watching the boys from Yorkshire and the rest of the the field race rack there bike in preparation for the 2012 Olympic triathlon (or any other pro race) I spotted my first time save. If I had as much space as they did then I'm sure that would take at least 10 minutes or my time.

Number Belts

Reducing drag and finding the most aerodynamic riding position and gear can make a difference to your bike splits. Money is invested in the making sure our helmets cut though the air. Our wheels slice the wind like a hot knife through butter.

What isn't know is that by wearing a number belt (with number attached) an amount of drag so large is created that physicists are unable to explain it. The amount of drag roughly equates to 1 minute per 5km. There is a formula that explains this but you'll just have to trust me on this as I don't have it to hand at the moment. If we didn't have to wear number belts then I'm sure you will  be able to see how much time that could be saved.

So as soon as they made these changes available at all races the by my crude calculations we will be setting record times!

Comments welcome about your own race excuses.

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