Thursday, 15 November 2012

Beep, Pen and Paper

In my previous post I wrote about the use of a metronome in swimming. After having another go with one at anther Phoenix swim session I decided to go out and buy one.
The metronome has three settings the which are as the following:
  1. Monitoring and setting your stroke rate or tempo. Set to beep every x settings where you set x.
  2. Monitoring and setting pace times for laps, distance or interval.
  3. Similar to Mode 1 but you set the strokes per minute instead of seconds
To make full use of the metronome you need to find out your optimal strokes per minute. This is relatively simple todo. All you need it a stopwatch and a pen. Set the metronome to 65 and time a 50 meter swim at a medium effort. Increase the strokes per minute and repeat until you are not longer able to keep up. You should try and keep the effort levels the same, however as your stroke rate increase you will be putting more effort in. From the data you have recorded your can plot them on a graph.
From your data you should be able to easily see an optimal stroke speed. Now when you do you swim sessions you will know the optimal rate to swim at. However it isn't as simple as that as you need to get your body used to swimming at a faster stroke rate. You can do this slowly over time by using your metronome to increase your stroke rate by a few every couple of sessions to get used to the faster stroke rate.

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