Monday, 3 June 2013

Race Report - Deva Triathlon

The Deva Triathlon started with a river swim where water temp was reported to be 14c, luxury in comparison to the sea at the moment. The swim started off rough with a lot of body contact, luckily my goggles stayed on, however the initial 100 sprint by everyone else except me left me halfway down the field. Nothing to worry about I can work my way back up the field, this was easier said then done as the sun was still low in the sky reflecting off the top off the water making sighting difficult.

The course was 850 meters upstream then 650 down. A simple course just swim straight until you need to turn around. Trying to make my way up the field wasn't a simple as I had first thought. Trying to dodge people who weren't swimming straight meant I kept losing my stroke or getting held up by them. After the turn point the field thinned allowing me to try and make up some lost time on the last stretch. This did not work but I wouldn't know until the end.

Exiting the swim the run to transition was straight up a short hill with a small set of steps to navigate. T1 was smooth with nothing embarrassing to speak of so straight out onto the bike course.

The bike course was a simple loop with no major bumps but the roads were not smooth. 10k in my rear light holder came apart leaving broken light parts all over the road for other people to dodge. I settled in comfortably onto the bike, the time trials I'd been doing had paid off, although I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't time trial and needed to save something for the run. Which looking back now I think I might have saved  little bit too much, but that's the nature of triathlon.

Entering transition for T2 I spotted two people who were just ahead of me on the bike who were just exiting. I knew that I needed to be quick and hunt them down. A smooth T2 helped me exit for the run with them in sight.

I managed to catch up with them at the 1km mark and started looking for more people to chase down. One of the guys I caught picked up the pace and we started to work together for the next couple of kilometres. I settled in behind him running at a steady pace. However the steady pace was his and not mine. After realising that I was not running fast enough I upped the pace and got my focus back. The first lap was done only 5k to go.

The final lap and I upped the pace and tried to make up for the lack of concentration on the first one. I felt like I was running at decent pace but without a watch on I had no idea if this was true or not. Something I will need to address as I train using always knowing my pace but don't race triathlons with it. The 8k sign rolled around and my shoes started to rub against my heels. No time to worry about that now. I kept slowly picking up the pace during the final section running down the finishing shoot to see a crowd of people who had already finished. I was further down the field then I thought. Not good.

The computer that was displaying the timing chip results was not working and was only printing the swim split and overall time. After looking at the swim time I quickly decided that I would not be telling many people.
Grabbing a quick drink and posing for a photo with my supports it was time to find a coffee. The race was over with a disappointing result but with enough lessons that can be learnt for next time.

Final times were

Overall 125
Agegroup 31
Overall 2:14:38
Swim 0:27:33
T1 0:01:17
Bike 1:05:35
T2 0:00:55
Run 0:39:15

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