Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Tri Season Is Over, But Not Quite

So my triathlon season is almost over for another year with one race left to go. I have been really happy with my performances this year. Even though I failed to qualify for the worlds in London my overall times have been dramatically faster than previous years.

To end the season I have entered a middle distance race with a couple of friends. As all our major races were done a while ago this is more for the fun, rather than trying to get a really good time. Although that being said I'm sure we will change our minds when the race starts on Sunday.

We are racing the Chichester Middle Distance Triathlon and at the moment the weather looks to be "largely dry". So it should be a good race with a little bit of pre-race camping thrown in for extra fun. There are three different distance races going on at the same time. A sprint, olympic and middle distance. All using the same course for all three disciplines but varying the number of laps to be completed. So with a lot of people racing it should be good day out what ever the weather.

However I have already been informed by one of my friends that his goals is to lap me on bike course. So if you hear that I DNF'd it'll be because I threw my toys out of the pram sat by the side of the road in protest that he wasn't drugged tested for taking EPO! Because that is the only logical explanation right? Although as it is a lot longer than I am used to I'd better getting some excuses ready for if I bonk.

Then it's time for rest and recuperation before the first cross country league race in October. Bring on the mud.

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