Friday, 8 May 2015

A race where I was drier on the swim than the bike

During the run up to the race the weather reports changed from on minute to the next. For a brief period on Wednesday the weather looked like it may be dry and not rain until 10am on Sunday. How wrong that report turned out to be.

Waking up to hear the sound of rain is never present especially when you know you are getting up before and normal person should on a Sunday morning, The cycle short half hour cycle to the start of the race didn't feel me with too much confidence when due to the wet weather it took me twice as long to stop as normal.

After a quick registration it was an even quicker time to rack my bike so that I could join everyone else out in the rain in Steyning Leisure Centre and waiting for my swim time. I had a late swim time anyway but I tried to hang around the back for as long as possible. As this was a pool swim I wanted to make sure that I didn't get caught up by anyone else and hopefully have an empty lane. Luckily I managed to only share the lane with two other people for the 1st 100 meters, but i failed to use this to my advantage as I wasn't quite in race mode and didn't make the most of it. However by the time I exited the pool and made the short run to transition I was completely in race mode. This was proven when I put my helmet on and emptied all the water that had been collecting in there, much to the amusement of the other athletes who were turning up for the sprint distance race at the time.

After my short shower of rain water I had a quick transition and headed straight out onto the bike. The course was wet, a little windy and thoroughly unpleasant. It being a local race I knew where most of the pot holes where which were now all hiding under pools of water. I took the bike with caution when coming into corners and roundabouts as not wanting to ruin my season and more importantly ruin my bike. I managed to catch up with a few other people who had started before me and on the turn points it seems like I was making gains on the rest of them,

I had a smooth dismount without falling off or sliding in the still wet weather, although I still didn't have much feeling in my feet, which didn't come back until I got home after. My legs felt good when I got off the bike and started out on the run at a good pace. Although in hindsight it may have been a little too fast as within the 2km my pace had significantly dropped. The run course wasn't particularly flat and my legs definitely felt tired on some of the more uphill sections of the run.

As I came into the last 500 meters of the run I tried to give it a little sprint but didn't quite have it in me. When I crossed the finish line I still felt that I could have gone harder but for the first race of the year I was happy with just making it round in such terrible conditions.

I knew that I had a fairly good race but had know idea wha ins overall position was, it was not until I was inside hiding out of the rain during the award ceremony that I found out that I had won which I was completely surprised about as I was too busy chatting to hear my name being called out. A well earned pint was had after that.

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